Co2 Cannons Special Effects For Sale

Awe The Crowd at Your Party or Event with CryoFX® most powerful Co2 Cannon Gun!

If you are organizing a party or event at your house, school or office make it a memorable one with an easy to assemble and operate CryoFX® CO2 Cannon Special Effect Guns. Use the same CO2 Smoke Special Effects used by famous DJ’s and events, music concert stages and movie production companies to AWE and COOL their CROWD!

CryoFX® is the leader of CO2 Special Effects Products and Accessories and is the supplier and distributor of our famous line of  CO2 Cannons for many famous DJ’s and Events around the world.   Our CryoFX® line of CO2 Cannon Equipment shoots a powerful plume of Cryogenic frozen CO2 that cools your crowd and provides a smoke special effect used in movies and theaters as well as at sport entertainment venues.  Have you been  impressed by those colored fumes that Jet out at the Coachella 2015 Music and Arts Festival last weekend or any recent events you attended? These CO2 Cannon Jets have become a standard at any event or concert and events at indoor dance floors and are very easy to assemble and operate.

Cool the Sweat at Dance Floors with Kryo CO2 Cannon Guns

CO2 Cryo cannons have been cooling event dance floors for many years now and are perfect for any event or event. With the new designs available today, the CO2 cannons is easy to assemble and operate and is dependable and more affordable than ever. The advanced designs available today spray out more exciting fog plumes! Add light and you have the most entertaining party in town!

Light yet Durable components. Easy to Assemble and Operate

Constructed with high grade components, the CO2 cannons come with long lasting durable coatings. These CO2 Cannons are easy to install and are concealable and lightweight. It will cool the dance floor within seconds and will maintain the temperature at the party! Enjoy spraying and cooling your friends!

The New Limited Warranty Special Effect Cryo CO2 Canons by CryoFX®

The improved designs of today’s CO2 Cannons make DJ productions a breeze. The handheld CO2 Cannons will themselves provide the smoke effects that will be in tune with the music and the flickering lights. This CO2 Cannon doesn’t even require electricity in most cases. You just need to squeeze the trigger and control the flow and direction of the CO2 fumes. A stimulating visual effect, this will be ideal for DJ booths, mobile DJs, events, promotions, parties, events and perfect for movie effects.

Some Cryo canons available today are also fitted with lasers and are capable of shooting dual streams of super cold CO2 fog smoke plume 120 degree apart. The high power lasers even disconnect to change the effect to red when needed.

Safety is an Added Feature with Modern CO2 Cannons by CryoFX®

Modern day CO2 fog cannon assemblies are designed for flawless performance. These have been designed with safety and long term durability in mind and the materials withstand extreme cold temperatures and high pressures produced during operation with ease. The hoses come with all the necessary fittings that helps assemble the jet system to the Dewar or CO2 Cryo tank.

Getting Mobile with Cryo CO2 Cannon

While we always understood that handheld Cryo jet CO2 cannon are made to be mobile, even bigger versions come with straps nowadays. These ensure that you can move around and produce more creative fumes all around the floor or stage. The custom strap allows the CO2 tank to be secured to your back just like a backpack and the operator has total freedom to move around. The back plate is made of aluminum and provides ultimate safety to the operator. These back plates come in various sizes and can accommodate all body types.

CO2 Cannons
Zombo performing at Into The Scence Party Concert and using color smoke co2 special effects – Disk Jockey Equipment CO2 Cannnon Stage Special Effects Jet Custom System by CryoFX

Getting Creative with CO2 Canons

There are several effects that can be created using the Cryo CO2 canons. The amazing cloud effect or a crawling fog effect has been used in several stage settings. One can even get the hazer and other fog tools installed in the hall. A professional will know what magic a combination of music, light and a CO2 jet cannon can create. These have been imperative in music shows and create the real feel of a stage performance.

CO2 Cannon jets have been gaining more and more popularity in the entertainment industry and manufacturers are coming up with newer tools and enhancements. You get every kind of models in the market, from the huge stage machines to the smallest handheld guns. One can even make Cryo cannon of his own but the increasing varieties available in the market makes better alternatives. These products are completely safe and are highly durable.

We have several CO2 Cannon products in stock that could be an impressive addition to your party/event. Our Kryo cannons have proved to be the best in the country and we have several clients from all over. Feel free to call us for any assistance and we would be happy to help.

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