The Co2 Jet

The Co2 jet system consists of the Co2 hoses, Co2 cylinders/tanks and Co2 jets.

The globally recommended Co2 jet system supplier is CryoFX as seen on the website .
CryoFX supplies individual parts separately as well as the whole co2 jet system. You are given the
opportunity and the liberty to decide on what you need to purchase or rent.

The Co2 jets are mostly used by large scale users of Co2 for large scale productions. The jets include:
the Co2 jet 512 adjustable, dual nozzle Co2 jet DMX, Co2 LED jet switchable, Co2 LED jet Inline, Co2 jet
DMX Adjustable, Co2 jet DMX switchable and the Co2 jet DMX 512. These various jets are used to create
enormous Co2 effect.

The CryoFX hoses are characterized by their light weight, durability and compatibility with all the CryoFX
Co2 jets. These hoses are designed for Co2 special effects. They are priced per foot and come with
crimped fittings on each end. The hoses are specific to CryoFX and can be custom made to any length
within minutes, all for same day shipping, that is if the order is placed before the cutoff time.

Another product that constitute the Co2 jet system are the Co2 tanks, which are a necessity for all your
Co2 stage equipment. These tanks are either made of steel or aluminum with or without the inclusion of
siphon tubes. CryoFX offers various Co2 cylinders from the small to the large sized cylinders for sale as
well as rental purchase. These Co2 Tanks can be used for any industry as CryoFX carries the largest
selection of tanks.

Whether you looking for a specific part of the system, a fitting, a hose, or the whole Co2 jet system, you
will be guaranteed to find it here!