The handheld Co2 Cannon

The popular and most preferred handheld Co2 Cannon transforms performances into full blown
productions. It is used in parties, movies, live performances, music videos, festivals and in the
clubs by DJs to create Co2 Special effects. The CryoFX handheld Co2 Cannon is the world’s
famous special effect Cannon as seen on .

The characteristics of the handheld Co2 Cannon

The handheld Co2 Cannon has great and attractive features that have made it the number one
chosen product in the market.

Its flexibility, maneuverability, and small design make the handheld Co2 Cannon the perfect
addition to any mobile production or DJ system. Production Companies may use it with
weddings, football entrances, musical plays, and in theatre performances.

This Co2 Cannon has a pictorial step by step user manual, frequently asked questions and safety
guidelines so the user is fully aware of how to setup, operate, and store away after use.

The handheld Co2 Cannon can be handled easily due to its light weight. This makes it easy to
carry around, hence it can be used anywhere. Add a backpack and tank setup, and you’re
completely mobile.

The handheld Co2 Cannon is available for purchase. Alternatively, you can opt to rent it and
satisfy your current need as you decide whether to own one or not. Simply contact the global
trusted supplier of Co2 special effect products at for the purchase or rental of your
handheld Co2 Cannon.

In conclusion, you have the opportunity to light up your events with the handheld Cryo Cannon
for a memorable Co2 effect experience. Buy or rent a handheld Co2 Cannon to entertain your
crowd. Your events will never be the same again.